Turkey And Mashed Potato Pot Pie Soup Recipe

Well, as usual, I didn’t post any Thanksgiving recipes for you guys leading up to Turkey Day, but I’m here just in time to help you out with the perfect recipe to use up all those Thanksgiving leftovers! Really, I don’t know what it is about me and not being able to post holiday themed … Read more

One Pan Balsamic Roasted Chicken And Vegetables

I hope you guys all had an awesome 4th of July. We sure did. I never felt so patriotic until I moved to Germany. I guess it’s just like my grandma always says, absence makes the heart grow founder! Anyway, we had an awesome grill-out behind our apartment. Samuel made pretzel buns,┬ámy baked beans finally … Read more

Homemade Creamy Cheesy White Chicken Chili

So I guess the bad news is that the winter weather has officially begun. The truth is though, I don’t mind. The snow is looking fine and I’m also enjoying the amount of chili that it is socially acceptable to consume in this weather. Not that the weather ever stops me from eating whatever I … Read more

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

This is so weird right now looking at my table back home in Berlin right now in these photos. Wasn’t long ago I was eating this awesome spicy mac and cheese and chatting with our German neighbors out the window. Now Samuel and I are driving in a McDonald’s scented car through the beautiful woods … Read more