Cheeseburger Quesadillas Reacipes

Well, this is the last of my American recipes for a while. We have been ridiculously busy running around Berlin like crazy trying to gather furnishings for our apartment and stuff, so I had to pull this guy out of my emergency stash of recipes. I probably made it at some time during the whirlwind … Read more

Breakfast Tacos {With Sweet Potatoes, Black Beans, And Avocados}

Our crazy, chaotic life in Berlin continued: We have guests! Some of our best friends, a Persian refugee couple, are currently out of a home as they search for an apartment, so to save them from living in a packed gymnasium like all the other refugees in their situation, they’re staying in our apartment. A … Read more

Chipotle Sweet Potato And Black Bean Chili

So, here we are, back in the US for good. The whole living in Germany thing was fun, but being home is even better. We are back in my glorious home state of Michigan, less than 15 minutes away from the beautiful, sandy beaches of Lake Huron. The move went great (mostly). We flew from … Read more

Chunky Avocado Lime Salsa

So when I first made this, I wrote down the recipe all nice and got it looking beautiful so I could post it, but then before I had a chance to take pictures, I sort of… accidentally… ate it. But I couldn’t help it. It tastes like sunshine and beaches and summer, and I have … Read more