Oreo Fudge Cheesecake

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “My goodness. What an incredibly rustic looking cheesecake that is.” Well, that’s what twenty dollars worth of laziness looks like, my friends. You see, it’s that nice weathered wood that’s giving you that illusion of rusticalness (go away spell-check). I begged my sister to go out to the wood scrap … Read more

Samuel’s Salted Caramel Peanut Brownie Bombs

Well, Samuel is at it again. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen lots of breads and bagels from Samuel before, but this time he has tried his hand at a dessert. I was pretty impressed. Especially because he even made them flourless so his poor, pregnant, gluten intolerant wife could partake. Samuel actually … Read more

Cranberry Cream Cheese Crumble Bars

If there’s one thing that I love as much as sweet potatoes (or dare I say… even more??) it’s cranberries. That’s why I am totally stealing this old post of mine from 2011 and remaking it. Partly also because those pictures were horrid and partly because I wanted to try them out gluten free because … Read more

Allergy Friendly Chocolate Cupcakes

My future (in 8 days!!) sister-in-law and I spent a couple of days in the last few weeks making about a couple hundred cupcakes for her wedding and freezing them. My poor, celiac mouth watered as I surveyed them all lined up like an army across my kitchen counters. “Aren’t there a few other gluten … Read more

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Crumb Cake

Well, my friends, this has been quite a week for me. My toddler is getting three molars in right now, so we are experiencing terrible twos to the max. Diaper cream all over couch and both children? Check. Almost all leaves plucked from my favorite jade plant? Check. Bottle of honey unscrewed and dumped on … Read more

Zucchini Bars With Browned Butter Frosting

  Do you remember the ultimate moistness of Grandma’s famous banana bread muffins? How about the ultimate carrot cake muffins? Well, prepare yourself for a triple deja vu then, because the banana bread, the carrot cake, and this zucchini cake are all based on Grandma’s ultimate recipe. Perfected over the years to become the moist … Read more