5 Ingredient Microwave Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Sauce

Well, I have to be snappy about writing this post. I just crawled out of the woods to get onto internet in town so I could post this awesome hot fudge for you while Samuel runs some errands. We have to be quick though because it’s a beautiful day back on the lake. So far … Read more

Microwave Spinach Dip For One

  We’re finally back in Berlin! Many doubted my sanity when I told them I was flying 8 months pregnant, so I’m happy to have proved you all wrong by not having the baby over the Atlantic. In fact all I really suffered from it was a little (okay, major) swelling in my feet. As … Read more

Sweet Potato Apple Beer Soup {With Aged White Cheddar, Crispy Sage, And Prosciutto}

Well, here I am, still counting down the days until the due date (10 days!!!) and torturing myself with the thought every single day of “tonight could be the night!”. I’ll probably go two weeks past the due date now with my luck. Oh well, at least by then I might finally be resigned to … Read more

Glühwein {German Mulled Wine}

I realize I haven’t given you much of a taste of German cuisine while I’ve lived here in Berlin. That is about to change. As you probably have heard me complaining about before, the winters here are rough. No, it’s not the low temperatures or crazy blizzards. Those would be quite welcome on a rainy, … Read more