4 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Pie

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So guys, remember when I asked you the other day for ideas because I was stocking up on recipes to post while I’m on vacation?

Well, here I am, 4000 miles later in the USA, with a bunch of awesome things lined up to show you in the next few weeks. I think this post fulfills pretty much all of your requests.

You asked for:

Cold desserts (check)

Something chocolatey!! (check)

No-bake desserts (check)

Simple dinners (check)

What? You’ve never had chocolate pie for dinner? Maybe you should.

You also asked for “drinks like piña coladas”, “fruity things”, and “icey things”, which I already fulfilled last week (see here). I’m still dreaming about that crazy mojito. Especially now that I’m in the US where it’s ACTUALLY SUMMER. I don’t know what Berlin’s duduk perkara was, acting like it was September all July. That was the worst.

So, let’s talk about how awesome this pie is. It’s super easy to make, which Samuel couldn’t believe. When he saw it, he said, “I thought your blog people wanted a really simple, easy dessert!”

“Yeah what do you think this is?”

Of course, throwing a few fancy toppings on top of a pie to hide how freakishly easy it was to make is one of my oldest, sneakiest tricks. You may recall it from this Microwaved Chocolate Cream Pie…


Pretty sneaky. Nobody expects that you made it in like two milliseconds in the microwave when you throw some fancy chocolate curls on top.

And yeah, sorry I STILL haven’t gotten around to doing a chocolate curl tutorial. That’s kind of lame of me. But I will soon. Seriously.

Well, I would tell you about what we’ve been up to, but I’m way too jetlagged to look at this computer anymore without passing out. Mostly I’ve been getting pounced by my little brother (who’s not even little anymore and has grown like a foot since I got married *sniff sniff*), getting kittens thrown on me by my little sister, and getting a mean tan (finally) out at my family’s pool. We’re still looking forward to hanging out with even more family and going even farther North, swimming in various Great Lakes and great lakes, and just relaxing.

Maybe we’ll eat some more of this pie too. I mean, why not. It only takes 4 ingredients and is super easy to make after all.

You should make it too.


    • 4 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Pie 
    • 30 Oreos
    • 3 tablespoons melted butter
    • 1 1/2 cups heavy cream + 6 tablespoons cream
    • 12 oz. (about 2 cups) chopped chocolate or chocolate chips (I used half milk and half dark, but you can use whatever kind you like)
    • For topping: more whipped cream, melted Nutella, fresh berries, chopped chocolate, mini chocolate chips, etc.
    • Crush the Oreos in a plastic bag with a rolling pin or in a food processor. Add the butter and press firmly into the bottom of a pie or tart pan.
    • Beat 1 1/2 cups of the cream until stiff peaks form. Set aside.
    • Combine the 6 tablespoons of cream and chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and microwave on low power, stirring every 30 seconds until the chocolate is completely melted (you can also use a double broiler).
    • Whisk about 1/3 of the whipped cream in the the chocolate. Then gently fold all of the chocolate mixture into the remaining whipped cream.
    • Pour into the prepared crust and chill for at least 6 hours. Top with desired toppings.