Amazing Roasted Almonds

Christmas time is the time I find myself pining away for our old life in Berlin the most. Why? Christmas markets. I introduced you the “Weihnachtsmarkt” (aka Christmas Market) in this post last year where I shared with you a recipe for Christmas market “Glühwein” (mulled wine). But even with my “Herrnhuterstern” from the market hanging … Read more

Homemade Microwave Spinach Dip For One

  We’re finally back in Berlin! Many doubted my sanity when I told them I was flying 8 months pregnant, so I’m happy to have proved you all wrong by not having the baby over the Atlantic. In fact all I really suffered from it was a little (okay, major) swelling in my feet. As … Read more

Grandma’s Famous Pumpkin Bread

So here is Yammie’s grandma’s famous pumpkin bread. You know it’s going to be good, because it’s based on her grandma’s famous banana bread muffins.  It’s so delicious that Yammie had wanted to freeze “the rest” soon after she made it when we realized “the rest” was just an end piece with a few crumbs.  … Read more

Buckwheat, Banana, Oatmeal, Dark Chocolate Pancakes {Naturally Gluten Free!}

I would like to present to you the fluffiest and most flavorful pancakes you will ever eat, all thanks to my new discovery of the wonderful superfood: buckwheat.  It’s amazing that it took me so long to discover it seeing as how I’ve been eating gluten free for like five years, but what was I … Read more

Frozen Watermelon Coconut Mojitos Recipe

The other day I bought a watermelon. Being a stereotypical pregnant woman, this was very exciting for me. I waited for days for the perfect moment to break into it. As soon as a craving struck, I split it open. It had given a deceivingly juicy sounding crack, but I was horrified to see before … Read more

White Queso Dip

  So last Monday, I made an amazing grand total of FOUR recipes to post for you guys. One was those stuffed pumpkins I posted last week, one was this queso, and two more will be posted here in the next couple weeks (stay tuned). I just figure it’s easier to make a complete and … Read more